6 Best Free Antivirus Software

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Computer viruses are widespread and each of us has been or will be infected at some point, through a program installation, by opening an email attachment containing a malware. Below on this page is a list with best free antivirus software that will help you to stay safe.

The most important thing is to have a backup for your important files or even for entire computer, because you can lose your files after computer is infected, without any possibility to recover. This is the truth, the first thing you need to do is to have backups. These can be set to run automatically, view a list with best free backup programs in corresponding article that i wrote.

In addition to anti-virus you should use a firewall (most of free antivirus does not have firewall – they offer in a paid upgrade) to block or manage incoming or outgoing connections. You can use Windows default free firewall or pick one from my list with free firewalls.

Another important thing is to update your antivirus software often (at least once per week or even daily) and update it before making a scan of an infected computer, because new viruses appear daily.

An antivirus will protect you in real time – this means that will scan any file before opening, saving or executing it, but also will scan and detect viruses that may be already present on an user’s PC.

The best antivirus software will have a high detection ratio, will detect any type of viruses (these can be categorized in trojans, ransomware, worms etc.), will be able to stop, delete or remove them.

Not least, is very important for each computer user to use common sense and think before opening suspicious web pages, email attachments or downloading applications from questionable sources.

Do not use more than 1 antivirus and 1 firewall in the same time because computer will work slower and conflicts may appear – you will not have better results with more then one antivirus running in the same time.

Practically, a virus is a file that will overwrite or add/modify some Windows core files and your computer will have a different behavior.

A good anti virus will be able to prevent infections and will detect and remove viruses that infected computer before using it. That’s why is important the question What is the best free antivirus?, because the best tool can protect you from a lot of potential trouble (losing files, reinstall Windows and the list goes on).

I tested a random package with viruses to see detection ratio for each program, also i used test results from www.av-comparatives.org to see their results.

All these programs are free for home use, you can use real time shield or scan entire computer, make updates and tweak settings. Also, all these programs offer some paid upgrades for additional features (they must have a revenue) and if you like one and want advanced features, i encourage you to pay for an upgrade to support their work and future development.

Here is a list with 6 best free antivirus software.

Avira Free Antivirus


The program has a high detection ratio, includes a free firewall, interface is clean and offer many advanced and useful settings, as you can read in my review. If you had problems with viruses and want to be alerted for each suspicious file, Avira is the way to go.

Comodo Antivirus


Although it doesn’t have a modern interface, the program has a good detection ratio, you can tweak different advanced settings and view reports.

avast! Free Antivirus


Currently this is my favorite program for home use, it has a modern look, all options that i need to set are present in Advanced settings area. This program surprise me with a superior design and usability each time when they release a new version.

AVG Free AntiVirus


Use game mode to not disturb with notifications while playing games, schedule automatic scans, view details about each virus found. I like that AVG provides most professional design of interface.

Panda Cloud Antivirus


This tool has all features that a classic anti-virus program had. Usability and design of interface can be improved, real time scan isn’t very fast and accurate, but manual scan of entire system or selected files provides quality protection.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free


This tool doesn’t have many options, just install it and forget about it. Is good for people who don’t know to use computer very well or don’t want to deal with all kind of settings. Real time scan isn’t very fast.