FeedDemon Review

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This software has a light interface where all things are in their place. It comes with a list with feeds, so you can see an idea about how your feeds could be organized. FeedDemon allows you to create custom categories, set custom intervals to check updates for new articles, search by keyword(s) in feeds, add tags, use tabs, collapse or expand content with one click.

I found useful feed properties – use right click for that, where you can change feed’s name, url, update frequency, automatic unsubscribe or even view statistics.

1. Well organized interface

The program comes with a list of feeds and i find it useful to see how an user can organize all feeds within FeedDemon’s interface. The program is very intuitive and almost all spaces is reserved to organizing and reading content, instead menus or advertisements.

2. Easy to add new feeds

Add the url of your feed and the program will allow to check if url is valid, before proceeding to next step where you create a new category or assign it to an existing one.

3. Custom categories

Create categories, rename them or delete entire category or individual feeds.

4. Tabs

Open articles or different feeds in separate tabs, then go to desired feed (tab) with one click.

5. Collapse or expand the article with one click

When you receive a lot of news in your feeds, you can expand and collapse them quickly by pressing a single button.

6. Open article in browser

FeedDemon identifies automatically your default browser and allows to open articles directly in browser, in my case, Firefox.

7. Custom time for update and number of articles

With right click, then choosing Properties, for each folder or feed, you can set a maximum number for feeds, an amount of time to delete old content automatically and an interval to check if there are new articles in that feed. If you have many channels with many news, is better to set the time for refresh to a higher value, otherwise it may slow down your PC.

8. Automatic unsubscribe

If you like to receive news from a lot of feeds, maybe sometime some sites will not send new feeds anymore. Is useful to let FeedDemon to delete (unsubscribe) automatically feeds with no recent updates.

9. Search

Search by keyword in your feeds to find something that you may forgot. You can check only desired categories.

10. Import or export

It allows to export feeds and import them later on another computer. Also allows to import an OPML file previously exported from another RSS reader.

11. Cleanup

If you have too many feeds, the program may work slower or you cannot focus on a limited number of articles. Use the Cleanup Wizard feature to delete some feeds.

12. Hotkeys

From Options you can assign keyboard shortcuts for different actions. This will help you to work faster with FeedDemon, once you learn those hotkeys.