4 Best Free OCR Software

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Extract the text from images or scanned documents. Convert images to text with text recognition applications. An OCR program will compare the content of images with letters or words that are in their database; it is recognizing the text from images or other types of files and will convert them in a editable text file (Word, TXT ..).

Either are scanned documents and you need them in a text format or are PDF files received through email, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software will do it. The area of use can expand to invoices, cards, huge lists, images or text taken with smartphones.

These programs usually converts text from images in Word, Text, Excel, PDF, Html documents that are editable.

Here is a list with 4 best free ocr software.

Cognitive OpenOCR (Cuneiform)


This application is working great and is recognizing a lot of input languages, includes a wizard that will guide user through all options and features that is offers, is easy to use and generates excellent results. Is one of the top products in this niche, is correcting automatically input file to have the best resolution and it generates quality results with correct words.



FreeOCR by Paperfile is simple and easy to use, produces very good results, you don’t need to make many corrections. One interesting feature is that allow to change order of text that is useful for some languages where people read from right to left. Note: the program offers to install additional software, read carefully what you accept while installing.

Free OCR to Word


Features a modern interface that allows to easily access all tasks, includes rotation functions if image is not corrected fit on screen, the results needs some corrections.



This program features an old interface and the results needs many corrections. Some pluses can be that allows batch to process multiple files once and includes a spell checker that suggests new words to correct broken ones.