4 Best Free Backup Software

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At least one time each of us lose important files after hard drive is crashing or Windows doesn’t work or doesn’t even start because different viruses and threats from the internet. The only safe and reliable solution to prevent these situations is to make backups regularly, especially for important files.

Also, if you want to save time, you can make backups for operating system and programs installed and if something bad occurs, you can restore it with a few clicks, instead installing each program and customize settings.

An important aspect of a backup is to occupy less space on hard drive and here differential and incremental backups can help. These types of backups will detect modified files and will copy only those files, and when you restore a backup will use these files in addition to those that has not been changed. Save backups to a different location, is better to save it to a different device such as DVD, external HDD or cloud server; do not save backups on hard drive where Windows is installed (C:) because you need to have it independently, if computer is infected with a virus, for example. Here is a list with best free backup programs that can be used to make secure copies of your important data.

Here is a list with 4 best free backup software.

Comodo Backup


Modern interface, provides many feature that are usually available in paid software. You can use different backup methods, create bootable images, set schedule, save to different locations such as disc, FTP, email etc. Is great to make backups for files and folders, automatically.

AOMEI Backupper


Is easy to create and restore backups for entire operating system, a hard drive or individual files. Is easy to use, with a friendly interface. You can protect backups with a password and split them to multiple files if you plan to copy them to another devices with small storage space.

Windows Default Backup and Restore


This program is already included in your Windows computer from version 7. You can backup operating system to a DVD/CD or network location and restore your Windows if doesn’t work. Also, supports individual folders, you can set a schedule and manage backups created.

ASCOMP Backup Maker


Is good to backup files and folders. The interface is easy to use and provides an advanced mode if you want to access advanced options. Features includes schedule, password protection, file split.