3 Best Free Software to Update Drivers

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Many programs that are claiming to update your drivers aren’t actually free for this main purpose and some of them contain a large number of advertisements. So, take care to not install toolbars or additional PUP (Potential Unwanted Programs). I tested all important driver updaters from the market and here is a list with best ones that could help you to install the missing drivers or to update the old ones with the new versions.

How does it work? These programs will scan your computer and will grab a list with all drivers, then will compare their versions with those from their database. Also, you can use these programs to view a list with missing or outdated drivers. Then, you can search them manually on manufacturer’s websites or download through these programs.

It is important to make a System Restore (backup) of your Windows before updating the drivers.

Here is a list with 3 best free software to update drivers.



This is the best free program available because efficiently scans and allows to download, view what you download and then install the updated driver. Many similar programs are pure scams and doesn’t work properly, but this one is clean and it makes the update process easy to perform.

As a big plus, it displays info about hardware configuration and if you want, you can search the driver for that hardware component (e.g. Asus Motherboard NT570 v512) on the manufacturer’s website, but at least it helps you to get the things done.



The program allows to backup and restore drivers at any time, also you can uninstall any driver from your system from its menu (you cannot uninstall drivers from Control Panel). a;so will scan and will allow to update new drivers versions just with a few clicks.



Another useful program, but it requires some work from your side because, after scan, it will open a web page and you need to find the exact driver from a list with many entries. It doesn’t offer other options.