3 Best Free Permanently File Delete Software

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Using traditional Windows Delete key to remove your files doesn’t mean that the files are completely removed. Windows operating system uses an index table where are stored references to the real table where files are actually stored on a hard drive. When you Delete through Windows key, is deleted only the reference from index table, but the file from real table remain until is overwritten by other files. Hence, is possible to recover those files with specialized software.

Our question is how to permanently delete files with no option for recovery? We must use a specialized file shredder or eraser software. These programs will delete file(s) from index and real tables and will replace those bits with arbitrary ones generated by different mechanisms. I tried to recover deleted files through these programs with most popular file recovery programs and they were not able to recover deleted files.

Here is a list with 3 best free permanently file delete software.



This program has most shredding methods, from the simplest to the most complex erasing algorithms. One common and popular method is Gutmann with 35 passes or patterns to replace bits of deleted files with random ones. Allows to set scheduled tasks at desired intervals, deletion tasks can be saved on interface and edited/modified. Advanced options are available.

File Shredder


With a classic and intuitive interface, this software allows to select multiple files and folders and delete them with a single click and pressing Yes on the confirmation window. Includes 5 methods or algorithms.



This open source and portable program doesn’t have any additional option and can be used by beginners or advanced users with a few clicks. The interface is really simple and supports to delete multiple files or folders at once. Is a handy and secure file eraser with no installation required.