Bandizip Review

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Bandizip is a clean and completely free program which allows to open and extract files from all popular archive types (ZIP, RAR, 7z ..), but also is able to create new archives.

It is one of the best file unzipper because it has an excellent speed when you compress files (jZip is better regarding compression speed, but jZip contains very aggressive toolbars or advertisements during the installation, so i cannot recommend it).

It is also very good at creating archives, i have tested it mostly with ZIP archives because ZIP format is the most popular and is supported by all these kind of programs. Bandizip is faster than the majority of its competitors and I am talking here about commercial products too, not only the free ones.

1. Right click content menu

The program supports integration to right click menu

2. Customize the right click menu

Sometimes, the right click menu can be overwhelmed with options. This program allows to select only the desired functions, so you can personalize the right click menu for creating archives or decompressing.

3. A wide range of formats supported

Besides RAR format which can be created with WinRAR (paid) program, Bandizip can create almost any other format such as ZIP, 7Z, TAR, GZ and more.

No other free program can create RAR archives, only WinRAR (commercial) can do it. That’s why ZIP (.zip) format is so popular, because you don’t have to pay for a program to create and to extract ZIP archives.

4. Excellent Speed

The program is very fast when you create or decompress archives. See detailed tests on

5. Standalone GUI interface

You don’t like right click menu? The program has a standalone user interface and you can work with archives from there. Also, it supports drag and drop. Just double click on it icon and you will access this interface.

6. Test archives

In order to avoid messages like “Corrupted archive”, the program allows to test the integrity of an archive after you create it.