3 Best Free Pop-Up Blocker

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Pop-ups are usually very annoying and not only increase the usage of hardware (CPU, RAM), but also cover current content that we want to read and sometime may install malware.

If there are popups in new windows, probably you are visiting a low quality site or a hacked site, because these popups are from the old school of web. One category of popups that i don’t like are that that appears on the same page, technically they open through a JavaScript code inside the same page and not in a new window. This is the new generations of popups, often contain advertisements, newsletter subscriptions etc.

Few years ago, antivirus programs had a special module for blocking pop-ups, but these days the job is done by browsers.

Web browsers are great in blocking popups in new windows and this feature is enabled by default. But they don’t block popups that are opening in the same window, so we need another program to do that.

My recommendation is to use a modern web browser that block pop-ups (new windows) automatically – Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari (if you use Internet Explorer i recommend to use something else, like Firefox) and a browser extension to block other popups that aren’t detected by browser itself – Adblock Plus.

Of course, you can use them separately, but the best results are with a browser + extension.

Here is a list with applications for Windows, other programs i have tested (Pop-Up Stopper, Microsoft Security Essentials etc. are too old for types of pop-ups of these days or doesn’t support pop-up blocking).

Here is a list with 3 best free pop-up blocker.

Adblock Plus


This is an add-on available for all major and popular web browsers and once installed it comes with a database of URLs for pop-ups or intrusive advertisements. To block a pop-up or advertisement that wasn’t blocked by browser, just right click on that ad or popup and add it to Adblock Plus.

This application is able to block all future popups for individual or entire domain names which are used to serve that advertisement. Can be deactivated and reactivated with a click, you can edit rules and filters individually.

Google Chrome


This web browser already integrates a pop up blocker and has blocked all popups in new window that i tested. It didn’t blocked floating pop-ups in the same window, but with Adblock Plus extension a can manage and block all popups.

When Chrome doesn’t block, i block with Adblock Plus.

Mozilla Firefox


Another high quality and friendly web browser that block pop-ups automatically. Was very good, blocking all pop-ups in new windows, but for popups in the same page i installed and used Adblock Plus extensions.

Just right click on popups or advertisement and block it with Adblock Plus.