Download Ninja Review

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This is a pretty new download manager, but it has a modern look and is pretty intuitive in use. It includes useful additional features such as download accelerator, organize downloads into categories with custom file extensions (will detect file extensions and will save files automatically in that category) or integrate your antivirus software to scan downloads automatically.

1. Modern design

This is a pretty new program and it has a modern design of interface. Is robust and pretty intuitive.

2. Supports Categories

You can create custom categories and set file extensions to be detected and downloaded automatically in corresponding category. For example, for Software i selected drive C: as default download location and set .exe, .zip, .rar extensions to be saved automatically in this location.

3. Real time progress

View current status and speed of your download. It supports pause and resume. After download is complete, if you double click on each item, the program will open it.

4. Different skins

It supports different skins to change the look of interface (darker or lighter).

5. Antivirus integration

From Settings, if you scroll down, you will find a section where you can select your antivirus program to be used to scan downloaded files.

6. Download accelerator

You can set the maximum number of parallel threads and maximum simultaneous or concurrent downloads. These settings are useful when you have a slow internet connection.

7. Browser integration

Download ninja can be integrated with all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer. This means that will detect and will manage downloads when you use that browser.