3 Best Free DVD Ripper Software

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When you need to copy or save the content of a DVD disc to your local hard disk, the most appropriate solution is to use a dvd ripping software. These tools allows to save video files from a DVD (even if is an auto-play disc) to your computer and play it directly from there, convert it to another format, burn it to another disc, upload it elsewhere etc.

I have tested another product that is free and seems promising, but it does not work well: Format Factory (gives me errors at conversion after ripping disc and i cannot even see ripped content). Other products are not essentially free and offers paid upgrades.

Here is my list with best free DVD rippers for Windows. An important note is that you must use this type of software to make copies of backups of discs that you have copyright on their content, for example a DVD with video from your holiday, a movie that you’ve made when you were in nature and so on.

Here is a list with 3 best free dvd ripper software.



Is easy to use and suitable both for beginners and advanced users, it is mainly a video converter, but successfully you can rip a DVD and save it directly to desired format, mostly MP4 or MKV (best formats that preserves quality at a reasonable size and can play on various devices). You can use it also to convert .VOB video files that are generated if you are using DVD Shrink product, to a single MP4 or MKV file. Also you can use it as your default video converter that supports multi file processing and can repair video files make their quality parameters to be the same (useful for example if you have joined different video files with different quality settings).

Freemake Video Converter


Despite its name, this program doesn’t perform only video conversion, but also have a section where you can select the DVD and save it directly on computer with desired extension. Unlike HandBrake, this program allows you to convert to a wide range of formats. Also includes additional features to convert a simple video file (or an entire list) to different format, convert audio files or images. Or even extract audio from a video and save it as MP3.

DVD Shrink


This program is dedicated to DVD ripping and is detecting automatically any DVD inserted in computer. You can easily save the video from disc pressing the Backup button. Interface is simple and is working fast. Note the program installs automatically PUP (potential unwanted program) such as toolbars.