HandBrake Review

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HandBrake is a free program with a large popularity that can be used for 2 main tasks: convert videos from one format to another and rip or save video content from a DVD to local hard drive.

Includes a lot of useful settings to personalize your final file within an intuitive interface that is easy to understand by anyone. You can discover more and more useful capabilities while using it.

You can process multiple files at once, use or save custom profiles with desired settings for final file.

1. Clean interface

Despite its many features, program has a very well organized interface.

2. DVD ripper

Click on Source, then click on DVD or on Open Folder and choose the DVD ROM that is inserted on your computer.

After is finishing scanning the input file or disc, you can choose output settings: you can save your video directly in MP4 or MKV formats, also you can choose a variety of settings for video quality, filters, add subtitles, import chapters and more.

3. Video converter

Once you select a video file, you can choose from right side within many presets regarding devices on which you want your video to play (iPhone, iPad, Android, AppleTV).

4. Preview video

Includes a Preview button that allows you to view content of video file.

5. Make constant quality on entire video

Between so many options, an important one is that which allows to keep a constant quality of video file from the start until the end. Is useful to repair video files which does not have the same quality parameters and looks different in different moments of playback.

Also you can change frame rate that will result in a smaller or bigger size of video file. Highest frame rate means better quality, but video will have a bigger size.

6. Batch processing

With HandBrake you can process multiple video files at once (batch). Also, you can add a huge list of files and process them and let computer to do the work when you are not at the desk. Set it to shut down when is finishing. Access this option through Show Queue button.