InfraRecorder Review

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This is a small and fast program that works to make different types of discs: audio, video, pure data, ISO images or copy disc. Application looks clean and does not contains additional toolbars or components. Main operations are displayed in main interface and users can write discs with a few clicks. More features are available through files menu. Easy to use for beginners.

1. Interface

Very simple and very useful interface that looks friendly and contains main actions nicely designed with suggestive icons and titles.

2. Write audio DVD

Navigate through desired folders and add with drag&drop your favorite music files to be burned on a DVD,CD. Is showing the number of total minutes available and how much you currently have added.

3. Create video DVD

Is capable to create discs that will play automatically when are inserted in DVD players. add video files few clicks.

4. Write ISO images

Add ISO, CUE, BIN files from local hard drive and create a DVD with a few steps.

5. More options in menu

InfraRecorder contains most used functions on main interface, but navigating through file menu reveals more options such as erase disc, view disc information or import desired sessions from multi session discs and add more data.