VLC Media Player Review

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VLC is a popular multimedia player that is used mostly to play video files. But also can play audio files, play audio and video directly from discs, play DVD discs. it has many options and can be customized to have the best multimedia experience without loosing any quality.

Other features are take snapshots (take image from video and save it) and video converter.

1. Play DVD

As a full featured media player, VLC can manage your DVD inserted in DVD-ROM and play it on computer.

2. Use DVD menu

Explore all items from DVD’s menu such as scene selection.

3. Select a scene from DVD

Choose a specific scene to play it.

4. Play any video file from hard drive and add subtitles

Besides playing discs, VLC can play any movie from your hard disk, no matter what extensions is.

5. Rich top menu with more options

Depending what type of files you play (music, video, DVD) from top menu you can access more advanced features.

6. Play audio files

Is able to play MP3 and other audio files. Adjust settings, add different visualization types, change track, mute, listen stereo etc.

7. Change aspect ratio

Change aspect ratio to watch movies at highest quality and with proper technical settings.

8. Take snapshots

Save an image from your video, while is playing.

9. Use keyboard shortcuts

Plenty of options are available. You can change default hotkeys to run commands instantly.

10. Convert video from one format to another

Select a video and you can convert it to another file extension with VLC.

  • Download: http://www.videolan.org
  • Visit website: http://www.videolan.org
  • Pros: easy to use and friendly interface play any audio and video file many options
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware