7-Zip Review

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This open source program does a great job in creating new archives with a very small file size. It has its own format (7z) that is able to compress files better than many other similar programs, if the size of archive needs to be smaller, probably this is the best and recommended tool.

It has a compact and simple interface, pretty intuitive, you can work with files directly from right click menu which is customizable through program’s Options.

1. Compact and clean interface

This archive extractor and creator has an intuitive interface with minimum, but most used options. Is available via right click menu, but also it has a standalone workspace if you click on its icon.

2. Available through right click

You can access the program with right click when you want to create a new archive or extract files from an existing one.

3. Straightforward in creating archives

After you add files and click create archive, in the new window with options all things are clear. It is intuitive and you can set advanced options such as archive format, set password, choose compression level and more.

4. Split large archives

If you have big files or many one, the program allows to split new archive into multiple archives; in this way you can copy them on different devices or send by email without worrying about file size limitations.

5. Smaller file size with 7Z

7Z is its native file extension and is able to compress files to a higher degree. So, if final file size of an archive is very important for you, use 7Z format.

6. Custom right click menu

Choose what items appear at right click and get rid of dozens of menus. You can keep just the most used ones.

7. ZIP and RAR extractor

7-ZIP can work with all major formats of archives created with other programs. Is a great opener for ZIP and RAR archives, but other formats are also supported.