Adblock Plus Review

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Adblock Plus is a browser add-on or extension, a small software that is integrated in your web browser after installation and will assist you while you are surfing web pages and you can use it anytime to block not only pop-ups, but also different other banners and advertisements, even standalone images from a site.

With right click on pop-up windows, selecting Adblock Plus allows you to filter that ad or all ad from that advertiser to not appear anymore (to be blocked).

Is pretty simple to use and is available for free for all major browsers.

1. Available as browser add-on

Adblock Plus is a small application that resides in browser’s interface. Instead using a separate software and icon, because pop-ups appears when we surf web pages with different browsers, i find that being a browser add-on is beneficial. With a few movements you can instantly block any ad.

Is available for all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Probably you are using already one of these browsers. If you use Internet Explorer, i recommend to switch to another browser, such as Firefox.

2. Installation

If you use one of mentioned browsers, just go to web page with your browser and their site will detect automatically what browser you have and will recommend corresponding file for installing as add-on/extension.

3. Blocking any pop-up or advertisement is easy

As you can see i have a pop-up in the bottom of my browser and i don’t want to see it anymore. Just right click on the advertisement and choose Adblock Plus

4. Block all ads or only one

As you can see, my ad is served from a domain
I can choose to block all ads coming from that advertising URL or only this ad.

5. Pop-up has been blocked

I blocked only that ad and as you can see, after i clicked Add filter, that advertisement is gone.

You can block entire domains and you will not see that ad or other ads on any website.

6. Block another ad

As you can see, i have now a floating ad or popup that doesn’t allow me to read the content of the page. I can close it pressing X sign in top right corner (any respectable site should also only advertisements that can be closed by users, especially pop-ups), but that ad will appear on another pages.

I will block so will not appear on any website or page. Right click on ad and choose Adblock Plus.

7. Block the ad

Then i select the domain name and i will click Add filter. I will never see ads on any page or site that i will visit, coming from that URL.

8. Undo blocked ads

If you block by mistake or simply you want to unblock an item, go to Adblock Plus then choose Open blockable items. Pressing small red X will unblock that pop-up or ad. Also, you can right click and edit rules for filtering.

9. Disable with one click

You can disable all blocks with a single click, by selecting Disable everywhere. If you want to reverse, just uncheck this option.

10. Includes a list with blocks

At installation, this extension already includes a list with intrusive or low quality pop-ups and ads that are automatically disabled.