AllDup Review

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This application is completely free and allows to use different search criteria to find identical files on your PC. Supports any device that can be recognized by computer such as USB, DVD etc. Is simple to use, but offers many additional options and actions to be performed for free, but these are not so intuitive to use.

1. Interface

All important features are displayed on main window and user simply needs to check a hard drive partition or browse for a folder.


2. Search by different criteria

Allows to select one or more criteria that will be used to find duplicates: name, extension, size, content, date etc.


3. Scan by size

Can exclude files that are bigger or smaller than specified size.


4. Results

Results are grouped and you can inspect each group of results. Can sort all files found as duplicates by column names: size, date created or modified, owner and more. Size can be displayed in different measurement units (bytes, megabytes etc.).