CloneSpy Review

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CloneSpy is a simple interface that allows to scan your hard drive to identify identical or duplicate files in order to delete them and make more free space available on disk. Is capable to search files bigger or smaller than desired size, set time criteria for file date, exclude or search on specific file types. Users can delete desired files once duplicates are found.

1. Interface

Interface may be a little annoying for beginners, the program offers pools or workspaces where you can add folders. A pool can be locked and next time when program start will have already selected folders added previously. The simple way is to work only with pool 1 and add location where to scan for duplicate files.

2. Results

Once you press “Start scanning” the program will display a window for each pair or more than 2 duplicates found.

3. Reports

At the end of all operations view a window with reports such as total files scanned, total time, number of duplicate files found, deleted files and new free space available.

4. Search only desired extensions or exclude some

From “Options” you can search only for specific files, for example only .jpg pictures. Also, can exclude some files to not be scanned.

5. Search by date or size

The program allows to search only files newer or older than a date, bigger or smaller or set a maximum allow difference between size of identical files.