AOMEI Backupper Review

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Is a free program that allows you to create backups and restore them easily, for entire operating system, for an entire hard drive or for selected files. You can upgrade it to a paid version where you have some advanced options such as command line scripts, but it can be used for all its majors purposes completely free. Supports schedule, password protection, file splitting and different compression levels to have a smaller file size.

1. Modern and straightforward interface

From first use, is very clear how to use it and how to access different options. In Backup menu has different types of jobs that are easy to identify, depending what kind of backup do you want to create: files and folders, Windows system or an entire disk.

2. Create backup for Windows and installed programs

Is able to create a backup for entire Windows with all its settings and programs installed. if you are infected by a computer virus or your system gives errors, you will be able to recover it with a few clicks, instead reinstalling Windows and each program with all their custom settings.

3. Different compression levels

If you don’t have too much storage space, choose a higher compression level. Generated backup will be smaller, but will take a little longer to make it. Is important that AOMEI Backupper it lets you to choose.

4. Password protection

Protect backups with a password to limit access to your files.

5. Split backup file

Split your backup into multiple files, useful if you want to copy or move them on different devices such as CD/USB where there is a maximum limit of storage space.

6. Schedule

Like any other good quality tool, this program allows to set a schedule to run backups automatically.

7. Easy and smart restore

With a few clicks you can restore a backup to original location or to another one.

8. Shut down PC at the end

If you have large files, program allows you to shut down automatically your computer when is finishing.