ASCOMP Backup Maker Review

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ASCOMP Backup Maker is completely free for personal use. It will create backups for files and folders, you can save them to local hard drive, to FTP or disc. It has a wizard style interface and you will be guided through different steps, easy to understand. You can jump anytime to a previous step and change settings.

1. Simple interface

It has a simple workspace where you can opt for creating a backup or to restore one.

2. Step by step wizard

Is easy for everyone to create a backup. It has different detailed steps where you can choose different options. You can check Activate expert mode for more customizations available at each step.

3. Backup selected files/folders

You can create backups for files and folders, you cannot make bootable backup for operating system itself.

4. Include or exclude files

You can filter desired files or specific extensions from backup.

5. Schedule available

Set it to run automatically at desired intervals.

6. Different types of backups

Perform a full or a differential backup (settings available to refine and customize it).

7. Protect with password

Allows to set a password to protect each backup. No one can access content if doesn’t know password. You can use a free password manager to keep al your passwords organized.

8. Split in multiple files

You can choose to split the backup into multiple files, useful if you want to store them on different devices or write on media such as CD that has some limitations regarding maximum file size.

9. Save to different locations

Save backups to local computer, to FTP account or write them to a DVD/CD.

10. Easy restore

You can restore a selected backup with a few clicks.