4 Best Free Email Clients

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If you have multiple email addresses or even just one and you want to make all activities from a single interface and without login each time, an email client program will help you to do that.

A good email client should be able to detect automatically all settings when you add a new email address to its interface and let you to choose options manually, if you need. Also, it must provide filters or rules to block spam emails, organize messages assigning them colors, for example; also it is important to support all popular email service providers such as Gmail, AOL etc. Here is a list with best email clients that may be useful to increase your productivity managing all emails from a single application.

Here is a list with 4 best free email clients.

Windows Live Mail


I like that i can block easily all future emails from a certain email address or domain name (example.com). This helps you to get rid of spam, that is presents daily on every Inbox. Program runs fast, it has a modern interface to compose messages with all kind of tools. Also includes a calendar where you can add notes.

Mozilla Thunderbird


Is pretty smart when adding new account, no technical knowledge is required and you can easily switch to manual configuration if you need. I like that it has a minimalistic interface, it can be protected with a password, has a spell checker and alerts me if i forget to add an attachment.

Opera Mail


Provides many options to customize your text or content when composing new message, is easy to change the layout of interface, it has tabs and you can mark with different colors and tags each email and that may be useful to identify faster messages in a big Inbox.

Zimbra Desktop


Program is loading a little slow, but once you start it you will discover a really clean and intuitive interface. It offers many options, but there are very well organized. Allows to create rules or filters for email addresses to prevent spam or to organize your folders better, also includes a calendar and an organizer where you can manage a to do list. Alsi, i find useful the included backup feature that makes you able to set automatic backups for your email accounts.