3 Best Free File Recovery or Undelete Software

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Undelete or file recovery isn’t a 100% sure task because it depends by many factors. When information is saved, copied or written to a storage device (hard drive, SD card, USB ..), basically there are bits written in a certain area, between pointers.

Regular hard drives on Windows usually keep an index table where there are references to the actual or real table where data is actually written. When we delete a file through common Delete key, there are deleted only the references from the index table, so there are chances to retrieve files from real table (these files exists until computer writes new data on that space because are marked as free space after deletion). So, with traditional Delete method, Windows will delete only references because the deletion is working faster in this way and will keep data/files until they are overwritten. That’s why there are also some programs to permanently delete files, with no option for recovery.

To have more chances for success, you need to try a recovery as soon as possible, before writing more data on your hard drive. Also, as a prevention method, you can make backups of your files to not be ever in a situation like this.

If you ask yourself if it is possible and how to undelete files, the answer is yes, there are applications for file recovery that will search on hard drives, external devices recognized by computer such as SD card, USB stick, digital camera and so on and will bring them back. Here is a list with best file recovery software (free ones) used to undelete files that were deleted with Delete key, from Recycle Bin, with Shift+Del, by mistake, by other programs or even viruses.

Here is a list with 3 best free file recovery or undelete software.



This is a modern program used to search and recover deleted or missing files from various sources or devices. Once it makes the scan, you can sort results by size or file’s condition and bring them back in a separate folder. Is also able to display previews for multimedia files, so you can see the health of that file and is is usable.

It can recover pictures, documents, emails or any other files from any device.

Puran File Recovery


This software allows to choose between different types of scan, choose only specific file extensions to be searched and also to sort results and preview them. Is designed especially for file undelete and is pretty easy to use by anyone.



Is a tool for advanced users because it has an interface like MS-DOS or command line and has additional tasks such as delete all data from a partition. Once you start it from .exe file with double click, you can use keyboard arrows to select hard drive and to perform an Undelete operation. Recovered files can be copied into TestDisk’s folder.