Puran File Recovery Review

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The program can be used to scan all internal hard drives, but also external devices and will display a list with all files found. You can sort them by condition, size or other criteria. then select desired files to be recovered or undeleted.

You can search by specific file types and set a maximum file size for each file when are making recovery.

1. Brief included

At first use you will see a smaller window where the program explains different features like deep scan, full scan etc.

2. Custom scan

If you click on Deep scan you will have more options to choose, to make the search more precise.

3. Selective by file type

If you press Edit button, you can choose exactly file types. Is useful if you know what you are looking and you have a big drive, because will scan faster.

4. Sort results

This program allows to sort results by column names and also shows condition for each file. Those with Excellent have more chances to be undeleted and to be as original ones.

5. Options for recovery

Perform a simple recovery for selected files or set a limit for file size.