6 Best Free Image Screen Capture Software

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In Windows we can use PrtScn (Print Screen) key to take a snapshot of entire screen and then copy it in an image editing program. But there are tools that offers a variety of features, such as capturing custom regions, polygonal shapes, active window with an applications.

Another important thing is the ability to edit captured image to add personal notes with custom text, add shapes, highlight parts, draw arrows etc.

Most of these programs support keyboard combinations to start capture pressing one key or a simple combination that you set at options. Images can be saved automatically, with a default pattern for file name. A few of them include ability to add watermark.  Here is a list with free screen capture software that will allow you to save images from any application, custom area or fullscreen. Each program has its own strengths, now depends what functionalities you need in your productivity process, i tested all and you can read the reviews.

Here is a list with 6 best free image screen capture software.



Capture any part of screen and edit images before saving. Add annotations, draw arrows, add custom text and effects. Also, screenshots can be sent directly to email, Word documents, printer etc.

Screenshot Captor


It has a tiny interface, but at settings you can discover and use a huge number of options. Includes a big number of editing tools, is able to capture custom regions or fullscreen.



A smart program that is able to capture custom areas or fullscren, includes advanced editing tools such as blur, crop, highlighter with custom color. Is easy to use and can increase your productivity when you deal with many screenshots.



Modern software with high level of usability, you can select a custom polygon area, active window, regions or fullscreen. Support hotkeys, you can set an advanced automatic file naming for screenshots that will be saved and includes some useful editing tools to add text and shapes.



Another program that is incredible easy to use. You can capture custom area, save images to different formats, use hotkeys, preview screenshots and more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have editing features, but otherwise is a great software.



Small utility that requires a minimum number of clicks to use it, for sure will increase the productivity. There aren’t too many options to set, you can change hotkeys, use basic editing features, then save image or upload directly to a web server.