Top 3 Free RSS Reader

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Instead checking different websites daily, you can use their RSS feed pages to add them to a RSS reader and receive all new articles from multiple sites directly on your desktop. These are time saving applications, but also have more benefits because you can save interesting articles to favorites, organize them in folders, assign tags or colors and more.

A good RSS reader should offer different layouts to scan by eye or read news in a convenient way, group articles automatically, filter them by keywords and make automatic actions based on that, label articles, include search function, settings to check feed channel(s) automatically at chosen interval to see if there is new content or even unsubscribe automatically from inactive sites.

Here is a list with top 3 free rss reader.



This program has an organized interface, is clean and offers a variety of options. Is a true feed manager where you can import feeds from other services, group articles automatically by different criteria to improve readability and identifying easily interesting articles, different layouts, mark individual items with different colors.

Also, allows to organize freely feeds into categories and set individual properties for entire category and/or for each feed channel. Another features which recommends it as the best desktop reader are the filters, advanced search, delete old feeds automatically.



Program with a clean workspace oriented to organizing feeds in categories and readability. Create categories, move feeds from one category to another, tabbed interface allows to keep open multiple feeds or articles, one click collapse or expand, set custom value for frequency of refresh, search by keyword or unsubscribe automatically from inactive feed channels. Allows to import or export feeds.



This is merely a new ticker which stays all time on your desktop and the main advantage is that you can see live feeds while working on other things on computer. The program can run in the same time with other applications, it can hide at mouse hover and you can set a transparency to not be very intrusive. Includes many possibilities for customization, you can choose colors, size, padding and behavior. Supports custom keyboard shortcuts. It has a lightweight style.