Top 3 Free Internet Web Browsers

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Web browser software is used to navigate and interact with content of internet/web site pages. A browser should load pages fast and correctly allowing users to read and bookmark the content in a safe manner.

This programs should have a clean and intuitive interface, should have an intuitive menu and options to enable or change items like bookmarks, search boxes, manage pop-up blocking, clear private data (internet history), manage downloads and more.

These days the most popular browsers are Google Chrome and Internet Explorer because they are shipped in Microsoft Windows operating system (Internet Explorer) or are advertised through Google homepage or other channels.

For people who doesn’t need to change any option, use bookmarks or add-ons, probably the best is Chrome. But for others and i think here is the majority, is important to save interesting web pages (bookmark), add functionalities through add-ons, tweak settings like change default folder location for downloads, easily zoom in/out etc., that why i think the best browser should work fast, but should provide easy to use options for customization.

Here is a list with top 3 free internet web browsers.

Google Chrome


Is developed by Google and is differentiating from other similar programs with its simplicity. Main interface is free of buttons and menus which are available clicking on a small button. It doesn’t start very fast first time, but once opened is rendering web pages quickly.

Mozilla Firefox


This was a pioneer in web browsing with use of add-ons to enhance the functionality. It renders web pages correctly and has a very good usability that can be improved with different add-ons. Is constantly updated and improved.

Pale Moon


Is derived from Firefox, but it has many modifications, Is fastest than other browsers and includes all modern features like tabs, drag and drop, bookmarks, private window etc.