Google Chrome Review

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Chrome is a browser developed by Google since 2008 and is intended to be a faster and much simple tool to surf the web, with enhanced pop-up blocker and different extension (add-ons) available to add more functions.

Isn’t opening very fast first time, but is loading web pages with a high speed.

Interface is very clean and simple, but if you need to access and set different options isn’t easier than in other browsers, in fact is a little time consuming.

These days is the most popular browser for desktops due the high publicity made through different channels by Google (Chrome is their browser).

1. Simplicity

Unlike other browsers, Chrome looks more simple and has a very clean interface. Although, there are many options available in corresponding section (a small button is enough for them to allow access to Options menu). This isn’t necessary a bad thing, some folks may consider it is ok, but i find that accessing options through classic top menu is more convenient than the dropdown menu in the right. Anyway, since at a web browser we don’t tweak options too much, it can be more convenient for some people to not have these options in a high visible area. It depends what you like.

2. Does not have a search bar

I like the search bar that other browsers like Firefox is providing. Chrome has opt in again for simplicity and the search bar is missing. Instead, you can search through omnibox.

3. Omnibox search

Type keywords directly in address bar and hit Enter. Chrome will search using Google and will display search results. This is the omnibox.

4. Incognito window

Through options menu or pressing CTRL+Shift+N you can open a new incognito window; this means that Chrome will not save any search history like cookies, temporary internet files, passwords, web addresses etc. of the sites you visited.

5. Extensions

Like other modern browsers, Chrome has a marketplace where you can find and install free extensions to add more features to your browser.

6. Unintuitive options menu

Since Chrome has opt in to keep a minimalistic style of interface, all options are grouped under a single button. Clicking Options then Settings will display a long menu, where isn’t very easy to identify items that you want to modify.

7. Tabs and bookmarks

The browser supports multiple tabs and you can drag and drop web pages easily in bookmarks bar.

8. Good pop-up blocker

Chrome will block popups easily. You can manage pop-up blocking allowing or blocking sites by a certain pattern or web address.