BitKiller Review

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This is a very simple program, basically with no advanced option. You don’t need and you don’t have anything to set. Just select desired files (you can add many), choose erasing method and click Shred.

BitKiller allows to overwrite data remained after file deletion with different algorithms, most popular and secure is Gutmann.

Is replacing the bits remained after will delete a file with random data so no other software will be able to recover it. BitKiller will delete files permanently.

1. Portable and straightforward

The program is portable, this means it doesn’t requires traditional installation; just run the executable file and you will be able to use it.

The interface is very simple, the program doesn’t have any options, so it may be good for beginners or for those who want to work quickly, without setting options and pressing confirmation boxes.

2. Erase files or fodlers

Add simultaneously on queue desired files and folders. Allows to select files from attached devices too, such as USB stick.