File Shredder Review

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This software will perform a real deletion of your files. Because Windows traditional delete method allows to recover files later (with a specialized program, even those files were removed from Recycle Bin), this tool will replace space or bits remained after file deletion with different random bits, so other programs will not have anything to recover.

Includes basic options, shows confirmation dialogue before deleting and users can see real time progress of task.

I checked files removed with this free file shredder using Recuva, a popular file recovery program, and was unable to retrieve deleted files.

1. Classic, but organized workspace

The program has an old fashioned style, but menu is well organized and intuitive.

2. Delete files or folders

Choose exactly what you want to delete forever: files or folders. You can add multiple ones.

3. Confirmation dialogue

It will display a windows where you need to confirm again if you are sure about permanently deleting added files. This is a good way to prevent accidental deletions because you can scan again with you eyes the entire list of files added for deletion, before starting the operation.

4. Different algorithms

From program’s options you can select a method, most popular and reliable is Gutmann.