CuneiForm Cognitive OpenOCR Review

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It is a top application to recognize text from images or other files and creates a new editable text file with all content. CuneiForm is capable to recognize tables and pictures and preserve a lot of data from the original file. Can recognize text from many languages that has been written on computer, books, newspapers and more. It includes a spell checker that helps to correct mistakes. Can preset font size, font type (italic, bold ..).

1. Interface

CuneiForm has a modern interface with suggestive buttons that reveal their functions at mouse hover.


2. Autocorrect resolution

Once i have opened application, the program tells me that needs to correct resolution of input image, this is a big plus.


3. Preview

Displays source document and users can zoom in/out, rotate, invert, select area of recognition.


4. Step by step wizard included

If you select “Recognition wizard”, which is recommended when you use it first time to explore all functions, you will have to choose the default language of input file (is recognizing text from a a lot of languages)


5. Spellcheck

Activate spell check to check the results and suggest changes.


6. Search tables and pictures

Will search and recognize parts where are pictures and tables and will keep them in new file.


7. Edit file or save it directly

This application allows to edit generated text or to save it directly in a separate file and you can edit/copy from there.


8. Results

CuneiForm is recognizing text very well, very good results that requires almost no correction.


9. Settings

Customize options such as spell checking, language, colors for errors or unrecognizable words or symbols, search for tables and pictures.