Free OCR to Word Review

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This application it works with any kind of files and will try to recognize text and to generate a new file where you will have editable text instead an image. From the main window allows to rotate input file as you need, have an interface to work directly with scanner if you have one.

1. Interface

Intuitive and modern interface that allows to access all features very easy.

2. Recognize text from image

This program will try to recognize text within all types of documents or files, but usually is used to work with images from scanner or taken with digital camera. Open your file and the content will be displayed fast.

3. Generate text

Press OCR icon and text recognized will be displayed in the right window. Allows to edit generated text to add new words, to correct, to remove breaks etc.

4. Save as text file

Save as TXT file or export directly to a Word .doc file format. Includes a shortcut button to clear text from the right window if you want to generate again.

5. Results

The conversion is working fast, but the results are not perfect as i have expected. A lot of words needs to be corrected..