Foxit Reader Review

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Foxit Reader is a popular program that is able to open and create PDF documents. It has a modern interface, menu is clearly organized with suggestive icons and names. It support tabs and you can keep open multiple files in the same time. It has advanced printing options to customize layout of printed page (include a real time preview). Also it has basic editing tools that allows to add text, pictures using rulers and guides for a perfect alignement.

1. Modern interface

It has a really modern and user friendly interface, offers plenty of options, but the structure of menu is easy to understand and to use.

2. Many configuration options

If you access Options area, you will be surprised about how many options are available. You can easily find the area of interest because options are organized in categories.

3. Useful zoom options

Easily zoom in or out your document using a default size from a list or select fit width, fit visible area or revert to original size. The shortcuts from interface allows you to work fast, with a single click. Also has a drag bar where you can drag left or right to increase or decrease the size.

4. Advanced Search

A built in search bar allows to search by words in entire document. You can choose settings such as case sensitive or not, include comments and more.

5. Add comments, notes, shapes

You can add different types of shapes with drag function of your mouse, after you select desired shape from main menu. You can add notes in any part or area of your document.

6. Add text

With Typewriter tool you can insert text and customize the color, font type, size, spacing and more.

7. Create new PDF files

You can create new PDF files from scratch. Also, you can import other file types or directly from scanner and continue to edit them as PDF.

8. Multiple printing options

If you choose to print a document, Foxit Reader allows to customize the settings for output paper, such as number of pages to be printed, rotate, fit size or enter custom scale. It shows a preview of the document before being printed.

9. Tabbed interface

You can open multiple PDF files in the same time and navigate between them using tabs, like in modern browsers.

10. Use rulers and guides

Useful for document editing and creation, rulers and guides allows to align or enter new elements (text, images, shapes ..) perfectly aligned with the rest of page content.

11. Insert images and multimedia files

Enhance document with your own pictures, add attachments or even audio and audio files.