4 Best Free PDF Reader/Viewer

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PDF files are a popular format of documents that may includes text, pictures, links and other data. Was created by Adobe in 1993 and today has a large use. This file format does not depends by an operating system (PDF means Portable Document Format), you can open it, usually, using a standalone program.

Some programs may open PDF files faster than others, some programs may offer additional features that increases the readability (zoom, search within document) or offer a friendly printing interface that allows to customize and preview document before pressing Print.

Here is a list with 4 best free pdf reader/viewer.

Sumatra PDF Viewer


Open PDF files very fast, interface is simple, allows to change view mode and zoom as you want. Is good if you want a faster PDF opener. Also is able to open another types of documents such as DjVu or eBook formats.

Adobe Reader


This program is the most popular tool to open and read PDF documents (PDF file format is invented by this company too). It has all features you need to view the document switching between different view/zoom modes, view small thumbnails for all pages to identify easily and go to a page that you may be interested, offers advanced search features and printing options. Application is stable and continuously updated, although is not the fastest while opening a PDF file.

Foxit Reader


Is a PDF viewer, but also a PDF creator (you can create new PDF documents from blank or import other files) and PDF editor (basic functionalities such as add text, pictures, audio, video, shapes). Offesr a variety of options and customizations, can be successfully used as a free PDF reader, but as PDF editor has limited functionality. If you like advanced functionalities and a lot of customizations instead a minimalistic approach, this program can be the best.



This software has a simple interface, is able to open multiple types of files. I like that it has a customizable toolbar and you can choose what icons you have in main menu, features a thumbnail view and other basic functionality for a PDF reader such as Search, Rotate, Zoom etc.