3 Best Free Disk Partition Software

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Probably you have noticed that most computers have at least 2 partitions: one where are installed the Windows OS and yhe programs (C:) and one for other files (D:).

By default, a computer have only one hard disk with a single partition. Making 2 or more partitions is recommended because if your computer is infected by a virus or the system files are damaged, you can loose all data.

Doing separate partitions makes possible to have other data available in case your computer gives errors or you cannot access it by different reasons. The best applications can: create partition, format, change drive letter, duplicate/clone partitions and more.

Here is a list with 3 best free disk partition software.

EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition


This program allows to do for free most important operations that user may need for managing hard disk. Format a partition to install again the operating system, resize a partition and with remaining space create a new one, change drive letters and many more. Is really easy to use and even you are a beginner, in short time you will get used with it and may become your favorite disk partitioning tool. I consider this is the best from what i have tested until now and there aren’t many free similar tools.

Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition


This is another alternative to manage your partitions and hard drive. It features many operations and includes helpful wizards (step by step guides) that will make possible for everyone to make desired changes to their computers. It has more free features that EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition and allows to create, delete, copy partitions, copy entire disk to another one or recover deleted partitions.

Paragon Partition Manager Free


This application is for tech savvy users that knows really well what they are doing. You can create new partitions, resize existing ones, format or even delete. It doesn’t have step by step detailed guides and is going directly to perform the requested operation.