4 Best Free FTP Client Software

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You may need to use a FTP program to connect to a server or to another computer to transfer files, occasionally or often. If you are using it occasionally, is important to be simple to use and intuitive and if you are using it often to work with remote servers, protocols supported, text editor support and security are highly important.

From my tests FileZilla is best to use for all purposes, is stable and fast. WinSCP is oriented to security and i like the Master password option that allows to set a password that will be required before using any saved connection profiles and that makes harder automatic malware uploads from malicious viruses that you could install on your computer.

Here is a list with 4 best free ftp client software.



Available for all major platforms and first time released in 2003, this program has a large popularity and supports all types of connections: FTP, SFTP using SSH, FTP over SSL. It has a directory comparison feature that allows to view differences between files and update/synchronize them where you want: on local computer, on server or both. Is updated continuously.



Oriented to security, this program offers different types of connections that are highly customizable. You can set advanced SSH tunnels, use SSH keys, set master password to protect the use of the program and more.

FTP Voyager


Is made by a company who sell a FTP server and has made this FTP client available for free use. It has plenty of options, it can be scheduled to make file transfers at desired time, also supports file synchronization. It can be used to connect to any FTP server or address.



Is free and includes a non intrusive notification that ask for a donation if you like the program. Besides common options, includes some default settings and menu options that can be customized to be used to popular cloud server connections such as Amazon S3, Rackspace and a few others.