Best Free Game Recording Software

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Recording video with current gameplay isn’t an easy task because there are different technologies and drivers for each piece of hardware (processor, motherboard, graphic card) and is difficult to find a single program that is able to work on most of them.

A video recording program also needs to consume fewer resources and to not slow down or fragment current game that you are playing it and try to record.

Most of programs are paid, like Fraps, and there is a limited number of really good software for free.

From my tests, OBS is the best free game recording program that really works, with no registration required or other advertisements.

Here is a list with best free game recording software.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)


This software allows to record video from different sources, including webcam, active windows, desktop. You can record a video from a game with audio, it works great, with no lag. Supports to add microphone input and you can register your voice.

Video files can be saved as MP4 or FLV, also you can stream video to another service or custom address. Is focused on recording video from games and offers many customizations, all for free.