OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Review

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OBS is a completely free program that allows users to record video from current computer game that are playing, webcam, a window or region from desktop, or full screen. Is also capable to make live streaming and you can show your video or image to different online services (Youtube etc.) or custom server address.

Interface is simple, but the program offer many advanced options to set in order to get the most appropriate result.

Video files can be saved as FLV or MP4. Unlike FLV, MP4 is a popular format that works on almost any device and maintain quality in the same time with a reasonable file size. I recommend you to save your recordings as MP4.

Is great for recording video from games.

1. Interface

The main windows is clean and with a basic design. First, you need to add a source for video recording, no matter if is a game, a window or entire screen, only depends what you want.

You can add multiple sources and create your custom profile, then switch between them, depending what type of recording do you want to make.

2. Multiple sources supported

Add desired source before starting a new record.

3. Record game play

I tested NFS (Need for Speed), a popular game with a lot of movements and many frames per second, to see if there is any lag, if audio is recorded well, quality and file size of final file.

Just select desired application from multiple ones that are open on your computer.

You can stretch image to screen, ignore aspect ratio, capture or not mouse movements.

4. Start recording video from game

Press Start recording or press keyboard shortcut that you set at Options and OBS will start to record video. As you can see, i just started to record a video from NSF game.

5. Quality of saved video

OBS recorded a video with small file size, without lags and with a perfect sound.

6. Record entire monitor

You can record a video with entire desktop or monitor. Supports multiple monitors.

7. Capture only desired window

Add Windows capture or Game capture and then select desired open application to start a recording.

You can set a subregion entering manually custom distances.

8. Multiple profiles

Add different profiles, each of them with its own settings.

9. Tweak audio settings

Use AAC or MP3 codec, select bitrate and channel (mono, stereo).

10. Shortcuts to start/stop recording or live streaming

Add you own desired keys and start or stop recording pressing only a single key from your keyboard.

11. Custom resolution and custom FPS

Record at desired resolution and frames per second.

12. Record audio from soundcard and/or microphone

When you record video, you can record computer’s soundcard and microphone input. In this way, you can add comments or your voice.

  • Download: http://obsproject.com
  • Visit website: http://obsproject.com
  • Pros: clean interface custom FPS and resolution advanced settings keyboard shortcuts
  • Cons: when i start recording, i have no indicator on current application to indicate that I really began recording is not intuitive how to use window capture
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware