Evince Review

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Evince is a software that can be classified as a document viewer or reader. Using it, you are able to view content of different types of files including PDF, DJVU, XPS and a few more. This application is completely free, it has a small size and is opening documents pretty fast. Toolbar is customizable, you can choose what shortcuts/icons to display on the interface and include a basic search function with real time keyword highlighting.

1. Simple interface

Program offers only the minimum list of options, is designed to be only a document viewer without other functionalities. The good part is that will not consume a lot of computer resources and starts quickly.

2. View properties of document

You can view different information regarding a certain document, such as author, creation date, number of pages, fonts used and format of the page.

3. Customizable toolbar

This friendly application allows you to customize the toolbar and icons that you want to appear on the interface.

4. Thumbnail view

View a list with thumbnails for all pages and find a specific page easily, navigating to it with a single click.

5. Search and rotate

Includes a search function and the possibility to rotate document.

6. Full screen and zoom

Evince has multiple modes for viewing the PDF files, including full screen (you can exit from full screen mode pressing Esc key), presentation mode, side by side view (from left to right) or continuous (from top to bottom).