Best Free RAR/WinRar Password Recovery

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RAR files are archives that contains a series of files. They are created with WinRar or another compressions program. All major programs allows to set a password to protect a .rar file’s content. If you have forgot your password, a realistic solution is to use a RAR password recovery program. This type of tool will not bypass protection, but will use a  search with all possible combinations of numbers, letters and symbols until it finds and recovers your password. I use to store the passwords and is working great; they have free and premium plans.

Note: these programs are intended be be used to recover your lost password, cannot be used for files that you do not own. Here there are best free RAR password recovery programs on the market that can be used to get back your password.

Here is a list with best free rar/winrar password recovery.

KRyLack Free RAR Password Recovery


It uses a brute force method that will try all combinations, calculated based on math formulas, until it finds the password.  The program can be downloaded via It displays real time stats about what is processing, you can choose different types of characters that you know the password may contain (is useful if you select only certain types of characters/charsets to make it to find faster) and at the end it will display the password, when will recover it.