KRyLack Free RAR Password Recovery Review

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This program is able to recover a password for a given RAR file extension or WinRar file. It is designed to recover your lost or forgotten passwords for archives. It will not bypass protection, but it will discover the real password using brute force – a cryptanalytic method to try all possible combinations. You can choose a minimum length and select specific types of characters that you know you have used in your password and that will help to discover it faster. Is intended to help you to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your own files and cannot be used for files that are not yours.

Is completely free to search passwords for RAR files using brute force method and offers some additional features such as dictionary words and custom charset.

1. Clean interface

Intuitive for any computer user, this software has a clean interface where the options are clear.

2. Set minimal length

Users can set a minimal length for the password and this is another way to make the searching faster. More details you know about the password, faster you will recover it.

3. Select only known characters

If you know that the password contains only letters, numbers, and/or special characters, select only those and it will find it faster.

4. Real time status

Once you start the main task, you can see on the interface some real time information about current password that is tried, how many are already processed, time elapsed and average speed per second (number of passwords tried per second).

5. Password recovered

For small and simple passwords, will find the answer in a short time. For longer or complex passwords with different types of characters, it can run many hours or a few days until will find it.