GreenShot Review

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This program is an excellent tool to make fast and quality screenshots of a custom region, an application or entire desktop. Options are very smart organized and image editing features includes most requested or used ones.

Can save images to different formats, you can set a custom pattern for naming images, send snapshots directly to email, documents or other applications.

It has useful and really easy to use editing tools and effects, i think you will love it after a few tasks.

1. Light and non intrusive

This small program doesn’t have big and stuffed menus with buttons and other links that could make it hard to understand. It has a compact settings menu where you customize it.

With right click on icon from system tray you can access different actions or the Preferences menu and i recommend you to take a look there at first use.

2. Set custom hotkeys

Choose the most convenient keys to start actions. You can use one or multiple keys as keyboard shortcut.

3. Save to any image format

This menu is intelligently organized. Choose default folder where screenshots will be saved, choose desired image format and quality. Also, you can set a custom pattern for naming images that will be saved

4. Screen captures can be saved or sent to other services

After you take a screenshot, GreenShot can send that image automatically to email, print it, to a program from Microsoft Office suite or to an external image hosting web service.

5. Capture custom region

The program not only captures full screen or an entire active window, but also you can select a custom rectangular region from screen.

6. Edit image captured

After screen capture, if you choose Open in image editor, your image will appear in a new window where you can perform different editing actions.

7. Basic, but useful editing tools

Add custom shapes, add lines and arrows, add custom text and set desired color.

8. Crop and rotate

Rotate image and crop a part of it with drag and drop. Includes buttons for undo and redo.

9. Add effects

There are available a few effects ready to be added with a single click.

10. Highlight and blur

Includes different highlight effects that can be helpful to make parts of image more obvious.

11. Capture screenshot from game

GreenShot is able to take print screen images from games. Then you can edit them or share with friends.

  • Download:
  • Visit website:
  • Pros: good usability easy to use displays in real time width and height of custom region image editing (add arrow, text, shapes ..) different image formats
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP, Vista
  • License: Freeware