Screenshot Captor Review

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With this program, finally, you have a good free instrument to make different types of screenshots and edit them. Screenshot Captor can save to different image formats, can capture custom regions and fixed size, includes many advanced options that you may change to work as you need.

Supports hotkeys to take printscreen with keyboard, also can grab images from games. Even is not very clear how to use advanced features at the beginning, after a few tries you will like it. It has hundreds of features and customizations.

1. Robust interface

Working interface is a small bar where you can access main features: grab current screen, active window, custom region, fixed size, set options and a few more.

2. Right click options

Even it looks small, the program offers a variety of features and options to set. With right click on icon from bottom right side, you have quick access to a list with written menu and features.

3. Custom action after screen capture

Set desired action that the program will perform after you make the screen capture.

4. Dozens of options

I like that the program has plenty of options that are really helpful to customize its behavior to work with it in an easiest manner.

5. Full screen capture

Capture full screen with a single click, then the program will open saved image for further editing or other actions, You can zoom in/out image.

6. Grab active window

With one click, i captured an image with my active window, which was the Firefox web browser with Google homepage on it.

7. Capture custom region

Drag and click to capture only region from your screen that you want.

8. Useful editing tools included

Highlight with colors, add free hand draw, add lines and arrows, shadows and more.

9. Zoom in/out pulling a line

Zoom until 1000% to view and edit all details.

10. Add one click effects and rotate

There are available different effects to optimize colors with one click. Adjust manually colors and contrast, invert colors and more.

11. Save image as PDF

Includes a button that will save current snapshot to a PDF file.

12. Keyboard shortcuts

Perform all captures with a combination of keyboard keys, instead using mouse. It may be more convenient.

13. Capture pictures from games

While i am playing a game, i can grab a picture pressing my keyboard shortcut. The program is able to capture images from games, too.

14. Save to different image formats

This application allows to save images captured to desired format: JPG, PNG, GIF ..