KidLogger Review

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This program is designed to monitor kids when they are using the computer. If you cannot stay with them or you are concerned that they may visit wrong sites, this program will record all keystrokes and will save pictures (desktop screenshots) automatically.

This program is a visible keylogger, so is intended to be used for children that don’t know what is a keylogger, otherwise an advanced user could delete it easily because is visible in system files. The access to program interface can be protected with a password.

1. Interface

From here you can start monitoring, open log folder where data is saved and set program options. Interface is clean and pretty easy to use.

2. Options

Here users can set advanced options such as log keystrokes, USB stick insertions, clipboard text, log websites visited (URL), messenger discussions.

3. Put a password

Prevent unauthorized access to your program (KidLogger) by setting up a password.

4. Record microphone voice

Allows to record voice and save it as MP3 file. If your children are using instant messengers or other applications that may imply a microphone, this program will record microphone input.

5. Save screenshots

Program is able to save screen captures automatically at desired time interval. Also, can capture window when certain words are types.

6. View reports

From interface you can access logs and all data that KidLogger has captured.

7. View screenshots

If you click “Open log folder” will be open the folder where data is saved and here you will find a list with HTML pages and pictures that has been taken by application.