Refog Free Keylogger Review

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There are not too many free programs with a complete set of features for monitoring purposes. Making a keylogger implies a lot of resources and programming knowledge, because a good keylogger should be able to record different types of data and interact with multiple Windows programs and processes.

But this one offers a very large number of free features, as presented bellow. Some important free features are: invisibility, recording of keystrokes, websites visited, screenshots, clipboard, applications used, documents. Refog is free for all these features.

For advanced features, such as remote reporting, custom alerts, filters and advanced reports, they have a premium version.

1. Stealth/Invisible

The program can be completely invisible for monitored users. As administrator, you can access the interface by typing a magic word (a custom word that you can set it) or a hotkey (CTRL+Shift+Alt+K).

2. Password protection

As any other good keylogger, this one allows to set a password to prevent the unauthorized access.

3. Keystrokes Recording

The program will record all keystrokes, no matter where they were typed (browsers, programs, documents ..). From the Options, you can choose to record and display non-printable characters (Enter, Alt ..) and deleted ones.

4. Screenshots

It will record screenshots and you can view them at a very good quality if you double click on them. It supports slideshow playback.

5. Advanced options for screenshots

The program can take screenshots automatically at different intervals (minutes or seconds), when the user click with the mouse and when a new window is opened. You can choose the quality of the image (higher quality means bigger file size).

6. Visited Websites

View a list with all websites and the exact time when each web address was accessed. You can set it to take screenshots when the user is surfing the web.

7. Records the Clipboard

Refog Free Keylogger is also able to track and log the content from copy and paste commands.

8. Programs used

It records all programs started by the user. You can view the exact time when each application was started.

9. File Tracking

It shows documents created, renamed or deleted by the user.

10. Export Reports as PDF

You can export the reports to a PDF file.

11. More export options

You can also save reports as CSV, HTML, image or send them by email.