KRyLack Free ZIP Password Recovery Review

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Note: this tool is intended to help people to recover or find their passwords for ZIP files that may be old or forgotten. This program features a nice and clean interface, it uses a brute force mode to search for passwords and is completely free (actually it recovers the password and is showing it). They have some advanced features in a paid version, but the free one can be used successfully to its main purpose.

There aren’t too many options to set, you can choose a minimal length of password and different types of characters, this if you know or remember some details about your forgotten password. In this way, the program will generate fewer possible combinations and will retrieve the password faster.

1. Clean interface

The main interface is very clean, you know exactly what to do because is very intuitive for beginners.

2. Brute force and customizable length

This program is completely free for recovering password using brute force (all possible combinations). For custom lists with words and dictionary they make it available in a paid version, but brute force can be enough to find it. Also, you can enter the minimal length of password, if you know it. This will help to find it faster.

3. Custom types of characters

If you know details about your password, for example if is containing only numbers, spaces, other symbols then letters and numbers, then select only the appropriate options, because in this way will recover the password faster.

4. Password has been found

For a small password with 4 numbers and with appropriate options selected, the program has found the password immediately.