Private Firewall Review

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Private Firewall is a free program that works on any Windows distribution or version and is a security tool that enhance your privacy preventing being spied or your data being stolen by third party people or computer viruses.

Provides protection for network and internet connections, controls behavior of applications and processes. performs port tracking and more.

Is a firewall or gate between your computer and external computers, websites or people; you know and control what entering or exiting.

1. Plenty of options

It has a generous interface where you can access different options, depends what do you want to do: allow or block something.

2. Custom settings easy to apply

You can check or uncheck different options for internet and for network security. Set filtering to low or high levels.

3. Custom rules for each application

You can control what programs have full rights, you can set rules to allow, filter or block traffic.

4. Process monitor

You can view all programs that are currently running, but also all applications that are not defined as programs, but as small or secondary processes. Basically, allows you to view all activity or all active processes on your computer and you can block or allow them as you want.

5. Ports tracking

View a list with all applications and remote IPs that are using your computer’s ports.

6. Customize alert mode

From Settings you can enable or not different ways of alert, enable anomaly detection and training mode.

7. Right click shortcuts

With right click on small icon of Privatefirewall, you can allow, filter or block traffic with a single click.

8. Test results

I have tested this app with an online service and results are good. Has blocked uncommon traffic to common ports