Spyrix Free Keylogger Review

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This is a completely invisible keylogger that helps you to monitor children or employees in each detail. Log all words or keys typed on keyboard, save screenshots automatically to view images from computer screen. These are the main tasks that this application is doing successfully and for free. In a paid version they offer additional features such as printer monitoring, log instant messengers, search queries on search engines and more.

1. Hidden and invisible keylogger

When you start the program, follow the wizard and set invisibility options. You can hide it everywhere or only in desired areas such as Task Manager, desktop, start menu, program files or tray icons.

2. Unhide key logger and set a password

In the next step you are able to choose a combination of keyboard keys to unhide or show the interface because if your program is completely hidden, you must have a method to access the interface and view reports or change settings. Program allows to set a password for access.

3. Capture screenshots

Set the quality of pictures that will be automatically taken from computer screen.

4. Interface

The program interface displays all options, from here you can start or stop key logger.

5. View results

Viewing logs and data recorded can be a little difficult until you get used with this program. From the left menu select the current computer user or desired user and go to different sections such as keyboard events, screenshots and so on. Spyrix Keylogger will display detailed reports with key strokes recorded, date, application and many more.