Revealer Key-logger Review

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This program is an invisible keylogger that will record all keystrokes on a given computer. Is the only thing that is doing, but is doing well. Is good to monitor what children or employees are typing on computer. Allows to set password for interface access. This program also offers a paid upgrade for additional features such as screenshot capture or deliver reports via email, but for main purpose can be used freely.

1. Interface

The program has a simple interface where you don’t need to set many options. Just press “Start” and will begin to record keystrokes. This is an invisible keylogger that is hidden on computer and you can access interface pressing keyboard combination CTRL+ALT+F9.

2. Hidden keylogger

At the installation the program offers to put a shortcut on desktop, but if you want to make it invisible for computer users, you can delete the shortcut. After that, you can access the interface and view logs pressing a keyboard combination. Is not visible in Windows Program Files or in taskbar.

3. Record only keystrokes

This program will record all words typed through keyboard and will display reports with date and exact time.

4. Protect it with password

The free version also allows to set a password to access software interface. Other features such as or email delivery are available in a paid version.