Sculptris Review

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Sculptris is a sculpting program that allows to make 3D layouts with object drawings from scratch. Good to make objects based on modelling clay, that will look like a sculpture. This application is intended to a professional level.

1. Interface

Modern and pretty intuitive, it lets you to start from a simple shape and modify as you want. Drawing tools can be selected from the left, it supports mouse drag and scrolling to zoom in/out or to draw.

2. Draw

Starting from a sphere, you can draw and modify it until you have the desired shape. You need some artistic talent, even all work is made on computer.

3. Adjust brush size

With drag you can adjust the size of your brush.

4. Choose sphere

You can start from a variety of templates or spheres that are already available after installation.

5. Use colors

Includes an advanced and easy to use color picker that will make you able to use desired colors.

6. Options

A list with options are available and can help you regarding size or strengths pressure, how to navigate or view current object from workspace.