4 Best Free CAD Drawing Software

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CAD (Computer-aided design) is a software used mostly for engineering or architectural projects, but is not limited to these areas. Also, it can be used to draw characters used in 3D animations for games or movies, layouts and simulations of plans for buildings and constructions, electronic circuits and area can be extended basically to any drawing that is not purely artistic and needs a structure in backend.

These programs are often used to make 3D creations and are designed for advanced users.

Here is a list with 4 best free cad drawing software.



Blender is obviously the most complex free tool that can be used to create animations and characters for games, movies or any kind of 3D applications. Some features includes texturing, sculpting, rendering, camera tracking and even video editing. Includes a detailed manual where all features are detailed with examples.



Previously Google Sketchup, this tool is now owned by another company and features a clean interface with a real time tutorial for each tool that is selected from menu. Is offering many templates to start with and can be used to draw almost any kind of shape.



With a modern and very intuitive interface, this program can make designs like sculptures, useful to make characters and different shapes. Users start from a basic sphere and drag brushes with desired colors or modify texture until desired result. This tool have a highly artistic nuance because you need talent to draw an object, but is extremely fast to draw.

Sweet Home 3D


An application oriented for interior design for rooms or buildings, is easy to use by anyone. Allows to insert objects for each type of room, create a professional layout drawing exact distances and angles. Can generate images and videos from layout to share with others. Good to design the house of your dreams and give this draw to a professional architect to understand exactly what you want.