SimpleOCR Review

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SimpleOCR is designed to save time and convert scanned files of text that is stored in images to full editable text files (.doc, .txt). Is working with text that is typed on computer, also features an option to convert text that was written by hand but this is paid.

1. Interface

SimpleOCR free version allows to export text from printed images into editable documents in order to avoid retyping and features a demo section for a paid feature that allows to extract text from hand written text that is in image format. I will focus on first feature, the “Machine print”.

2. Add input file

Select file that will be converted into editable text, choosing between scanner, local file, INK format of CorelDraw files or batch (process multiple files once).

3. Preview source file

I have selected a JPG image, also supports TIFF or BMP, and is showing how SimpleOCR sees your document before converting. Allows to zoom in or zoom out.

4. Convert to text

Program will display a new window with text that has been recognized from image. Includes a spell checker that will suggest new words to replace those that seems to not be from dictionary.

5. Save as text file

After conversion press “Save” option and text can be saved as Word or TXT file formats.

6. Rotate

If your image is not oriented normally, you can rotate it within program options until have correct position.

7. Results

This application is converting pretty well text from images into plain text, but with some mistakes that can be corrected manually.